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How Deep Flow Technique (DFT)

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How Deep Flow Technique (DFT)

So, this excellent diagram shows exactly what a hydroponics system looks like. Of course this is the exact same method that I successfully grow my tomatoes and peppers in my Alton timber greenhouse. Importantly, we gardeners live busy lives! Also, many of us are all for high tech gadgets to help us through our busy working days. This in my opinion is where “hydroponics Stores” can help us.

Buying the equipment can be a bit expensive! However, there are many times when a family member asks you what you want for your birthday or perhaps a Christmas gift. So, I must confess that this is how I did it. My first purchase was for a “Water tank” and self watering system. Over the years I have always had problems with kind hearted relations promising to water your precious cucumber and tomato plants. Consequently, they are left right to the end of the week and then are drowned by your lazy or forgetful friend or relation.

As we all know this break in fluid flow can cause all sort of problems with your plants. However the purchase of the “plastic flexi water tank” and associated connections has solved this problem for me. So, before going off on holiday I just make sure my tanks is full with water and the correct amount of nutrients. My local Hydrastore gave mmw a great price with advice about the size of the plastic reservoir tank required.

The Deep Flow Technique (DFT) is similar to two other hydroponic systems, but it ultimately works in it’s own way. In this article, you’ll learn how DFT hydroponic systems grow crops.

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