BioGreen Products

BioGreen Products

BioGreen Products

BioGreen Products

When I require anything for my own personnel use when gardening then I visit my closest Hydrostore which is the Leeds store very closely followed by the Wakefield store. Importantly all the Hydrostore shops offer a great range of products for all types of growing whether indoor or out doors. So, on my first visit to the Leeds store then I was amazed at the quantity of different products that are available to the growers of almost anything.

Indeed the shelves were full of exotic sounding nutrients and plant foods. Of course there were many familiar things for sale that are used by most gardeners. As I have said then I was amazed by the selection and have taken up to challenge myself! This is to learn and write more about the wealth of products on offer to all kinds of gardeners.

Starting off with the BioGreen Range

I will be starting off with the BioGreen products. Simply because I like the particular design of the product labels along with the little green tree frog on the image. Interestingly, the BioGreen product range of nutrients offers a choice of two base systems. Including three optional supplements and six additives. Probably making this an easy system to use whilst at the same time giving the plants a top class nutrient to thrive on.

Looking at the product, I can see that the mixing method is not going to be as complicated as other brands of similar things. While browsing I did notice that some brands had many different bottles claiming each one was a benefit to maximum plant growth and development. However, BioGreen look to have simplified this by development their products with quality in mind.

Many plant compounds cannot be blended

As we know plants require many different compounds! These could include, many things such as Mycorrhizal Fungi and Rhizobacteria, Carbohydrates, Amino acids, Vitamins and many types of enzymes. So the clever scientists at the BioGreen labs have come up with a streamlined method of adding many of these things into their product range. Due to an excellent line up to cover all the necessary ingredients.

Of course “BioGreen Grow 1” is a high-quality NPK based fertiliser specifically developed to maximize your plants’ genetic potential during the vegetative and early flowering stage. Therefore this top quality fertilizer can be used for most types of plants. So, to enable a good start with maximum root growth then “Grow 1″contains enough phosphorus to initiate explosive root formation, giving the new plants a great start to life.

Like all types of nutrients please follow the instructions for the correct dosage. Importantly, as with many types of nutrients, it’s best practise to offer it in gradually increasing doses. Of course I will be trialling it on some of my hydroponic growths. So I will probably apply daily by using my plastic water tank. Urgently, like most other chemical fertilizer products, always be careful not to overdose!

BioGreen Bloom 2

So, this excellent product. BioGreen 2 is also a suitable fertilizer for use in all soil types and hydroponic use. Containing many of the micro and micro -nutrients required for full top growth and flowering of your plant. Of course this product is best switched to when the plants reach the flowering stage. This product is made from the purest materials and is totally taken up by your plants.

Because, BioGreen Bloom 2 visibly improves the condition of the flowers and fruits and helps instigate an explosion in blooming. I cant wait to start using this on my citrus trees to improve blossoming and fruit set. This product is available in Availability: 250ml, 1ltr, 5ltr and 10ltr size bottles.

BioGreen Hydro A+B

Thirdly we have “BioGreen Hydro A&B” is a two-part base nutrient made for use from the start of the vegetative phase until the end of the flowering stage. The product also comprises a wide range of micro and macro-nutrients for strong plant development. I am used to using A and B mixes from my experience in using a similar product on last years greenhouse tomato crop, producing excellent size fruit with a plentiful supply. As with many such products it is best practise to add “part A” to the water tank first mixing very well before adding the “part B” and also mixing the solution very vigorously.

  1. The product is a two-part base nutrient. Part A comprises an NPK ratio of 4.3-0-0. Part B has an NPK ratio of 0.6-5.2-5.7;
  2. The formulas are made for the vegetative stage and the flowering stage;
  3. The product is suitable for dripper and irrigation systems;
  4. It’s designed for all growing medias

BioGreen Supplements

BioGreen X-Rooting is a highly concentrated organic root stimulator containing humic acids, minerals and beneficial bacteria. Helping to preserve and balance the plant’s metabolic processes. Thus increasing the absorption of mineral nutrients by improving nutrient uptake.

BioGreen Calmag

Calmag is a high quality fully soluble additive containing a high dose of nitrogen, calcium and magnesium. Enhancing, the quality of your water and are essential to stimulate plant growth. Hence, from early vegging right through to the flush.

BioGreen PK 13/14

BioGreen PK 13/14 is of course is a highly effective potassium and phosphorus additive. Supporting, the plants during the critical stages of flowering

BioGreen X-Blast

So, “BioGreen X-Blast” is a highly potent late-flowering PK additive. Creating, maximisation of your plant’s performance during the final flowering phase. Specially, designed to push the plant to its full potential. 

BioGreen Biozym

of course, “BioGreen Biozym” is a high-quality enzyme additive. Naturally, made up of 24 main enzymatic complexes. Importantly, different coenzymes have also been carefully added. Encouraging high rates of enzymatic activity. 

Hydrostore-BioGreen Products- BioGreen MAM

Firstly, “BioGreen MAM” is a high-quality one-part fertiliser. So, containing, all the required macro and microelements. Required to maintain healthy mother plants from which cuttings are constantly taken from. Cant wait to try this on my Lemon tree cuttings.

Hydrostore-BioGreen Products-BioGreen Garlic

Consequently, “Biogreen Garlic” is obtained through a well-thought-out two-step production process. Consisting by placing fresh cut fermented garlic bulbs and ginger in tanks without oxygen. Leaving the mix for several months (polar extraction). Finally, followed by the a-polar extraction.


Beginner Peppers

Beginner Peppers

Beginner Peppers

Hi here is my second Hydrostore blog for the month of April 2021. Once again there are many things that I am learning on my into the world of growing without soil, hydroponics!

So if tomatoes are my favourite salad crop then peppers are certainly my second. Peppers provide a massive variety of colours and flavours. Of course from the red hot chili peppers such as “Scotch Bonnet” to the milder bell peppers that we use in regular salads. So some of the hotter peppers grown do in fact require hotter temperatures to grow them. Here in the North of England it depends on the type of summer that we are experiencing!

The spicy peppers are used mainly for cooking spicy dishes and are popular for spicy Indian dishes and West indian cooking. Of course we can buy a spicy pizza covered in spicy hot peppers if we like that kind of thing. However I generally stick to the mild flavoured bell peepers that come in many shapes and colours. Most peppers start off as green coloured fruit and later turn into the colour of choice. Hence, from bright red to yellow and even dark purple. Of course all these colours add brightness and colour to a great mixed summer salad! My mouths watering as I am writing this!

Try growing peppers the hydroponics method

Peppers are easy to grow and only suffer the usual pests. White fly and other aphid species are the general worst enemies. These can be controlled by the usual methods of spraying with soapy water or using a commercial brand such as “plant magic” bugicide from your local Hydrostore online, in different sized containers. So, a good way of determining the colour of bell peeper to grow is to buy one in your favourite colour. Say in this case yellow. The seeds can be removed and generally the plant will turn out to be the same colour as the parent plant, in this case yellow.

This year I am going to try germinate the seeds using the paper towel method. This is a popular way of germinating many plant species. Including peppers and tomatoes. The seeds are carefully wrapped between two lairs of tissue paper and placed in a saucer of water. The paper must be kept wet and not allowed to dry out!

The seeds will eventually germinate and small green shoots will appear. So, these small plants will then be placed singularly inside of a rockwool cube. Always try to handle the seedling with great care. The rockwool is then to be placed inside a 3ins net cup. It is important to buy net cups with a lip around the top so that it fits snug inside the plastic tanks lid. Incidentally, I will be growing four pepper plants inside my 18×15 ins black plastic tanks (Totes) .

The tote lids have four holes cut in to take the 3 ins plastic net cups. I will then add “nutrients” into the water and place the cups and pepper plants into the tank lid and therefore the tank of water. In my case it will be CX hydrobase. So, I will be trying this out for the first time and will keep my readers up to date with the results. I shall also be using a small aquarium pump to circulate oxygen to the plants via the tanks water supply.

My set up will be in my greenhouse once the weather warms up. There will be plenty of light at this time of year! Of course this method can be used indoors by adding a LED lighting unit to your growing kit.

Cherry Tomatoes

Long Winter in 2021

Long Winter in 2021

Long Winter in 2021

So, this year has been a long cold winter. Especially for us growers who should be getting growing around this time of year. My own situation is that I have a heated greenhouse for my citrus trees. However it is too cold to move them outside onto a sheltered spot. Moving them gives me space to plant out my seedlings and prepare for the tomato plants into their final planting spot.

Accordingly, I have not yet planted my seeds and realise that I am running out of time. This year I have decided to try some different seed varieties. I love to grow the big size tomatoes that are generally very tasty and a good choice for summer salads (Thats if we get a summer this year?)

I am a great fan of watching “YouTube” videos and I think they offer some great advice. Especially the different choices of tomato seeds that I have never heard of before.

Kellogg’s Breakfast and F1 Super Mama

This year I will be trying five different varieties from Nickys Seeds. Consequently these will include the much raved about Kellogg’s breakfast and another heirloom variety the F1 Super Mama.

These seeds will be planted this time by using the soil-less method of “Rockwool Blocks” . These are only £7.50 for 150 blocks to sow your seeds into. Of course the seeds are then placed into the blocks singularly. Hence they are then covered with a small quantity of “vermiculite“. Vermiculite, can be bought in small or large quantities. However I prefer to buy the larger bags because this is something that is important when growing hydroponically.

The blocks are always to be pre-soaked before placing one seed in the centre hole. Some growers advise placing two seeds and then selecting the strongest seedling when they have germinated. However these seeds are very expensive any you only get ten seeds per packet. So to me you should just plant a single seed. The blocks are then placed into a tray of water until germination. I prefer to use a heated propagator unit for better results as long as the area where the seedlings will be grown on is also heated.

Dont forget the in this weather then rooms in houses can become very cold without any form of heating. I am sure that there will be growers pout their who have made this mistake in the past. Losing plants due to stress because of a drop in temperature in the middle of the night. When the seedlings have germinated they can be grown on to whatever system you prefer.

Auto Pot System

This year I am going to grow my larger crops using a flexi water tank that feeds an Autopot system . These systems come in many sizes but the nine pot system is ideal for my space in the greenhouse.

Once the system is set up it just a case of training your plants as they grow, (I prefer to use large canes). Water tank levels must be watched with the added A and B nutrients also added to the correct dose. This year I will try out CX Hydro base from Canada. So, when your plants start to grow you must remember to taking out any side shots, between the stem and the main branches.

Also remove any dead leaves and give the plants plenty of room to grow flowering buds for a good crop. All the products necessary to grow a good crop most plants are available online from “Hydrostore” in West Yorkshire.