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Vegetable Growing using hydroponics

Vegetable Growing using hydroponics

Of course, hydroponics can be used for many types of alternative gardening. These include many and varied watering systems that can be used to good effect. Plants were grown in much the same way back in the day, regardless of where you lived in the country. After the war, as keen gardeners took up allotment gardening, vegetable growing became more popular.

I remember that this is the way that I went! Born in a terrace house in 1948, gardening was impossible. Of course, growing things has always been tied up with an interest in all kinds of natural things. Living near the excellent “Crow Nest Park” in Dewsbury, I soon developed an interest in nature. A particular fascination with birds Consequently, I then decided to take up a vacant allotment at the edge of the park and close to my home.

Growing veg was a great starter

Fortunately, the old guys would see that I was a beginner and offer me endless help. including giving me my first vegetable plants. So my interest has continued throughout my life, with various interests in the things that I have grown. My love at the moment is for Mediterranean-style gardens. Including growing. Olives, lemons, and oranges So, the later requires extra growth aids. This is where “Hydroponics” came in to help me.

Citrus requires extra help to get them through the British winters. So, this is where the excellent “grow lights” came into play and helped me get my citrus trees through the cold winter months. Also, with a little extra heat and lighting, I can make an early start with my tomato and pepper plants. So, by buying a few extra gardening aids, the season can be greatly extended.

Lighting has become cheaper

So, when I mention lighting for my greenhouse, some people will cringe. Gardeners are notably tight with their money (including myself). However, there has been a large improvement in the efficiency and running costs of the new type of “LED lighting.” of course, not only for gardeners but also all the lighting done for general use. We must have all noticed the brighter and more energy efficient light used in commercial properties and in the automotive industry.