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Of course, phosphorus enables a better root and flower growth for your precious plants. Importantly, it also helps your plants cope with certain environmental stresses. Thus phosphorus is an essential part of growing heathy and vigorous plants. Starting with the roots, then Phosphorus is well associated with healthy root development. Plant stalks and stems are increased due to this element. Flower formation is well improved and increased seed production.

So, phosphorus enables your improve your plants quality. Enabling early crop maturity and a better resistance to plant diseases. Generally this element will give your plants support throughout its entire life. A good article can be seen on the “” web site.

There are a few different methods of giving your plants Phosphorous.

 So, one of the commonest is the turning of “Rock Phosphate” into “Phosphoric Acid”. This process allows your plants to take up the phosphorus into the root system. This is a good way of giving your tomato plants a good start. So, by sprinkling some Rock Phosphate into the bottom of your tomato plant pot before introducing the plant. Importantly, this will give your tomato plants root system good development and a great start in life. 

Other organic sources of Phosphate include “Bone meal”!

Bone meal will release the phosphate to the plant in three to six months’ time. Other products are available so its well worth seeing what’s available in your area.  

Of course there is a few alternatives to rock phosphate! Including “superphosphate” and as already mentioned, bone meal. So, a good deal of the world’s rock phosphate comes out of North America. After further chemical treatment it then becomes known as superphosphate. This product is soluble in water. Rock phosphate like rock potash is very slow in action and the conversion from insoluble phosphate to the soluble form is almost negligible. It does contain trace elements and a single application will remain active for some years, best applied early in the Autumn or Winter to be effective by the next Summer. 

Of course there are many products available with a higher phosphorus level from your local Hydrostore shop. Finally, this is also very important in hydroponics growing systems.