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Keep Your Growing Room Warm

Keep Your Growing Room Warm

Keep Your Growing Room Warm

So to keep in line with my last post then here is a few ideas to keep your growing room warm for your plants this winter. Many grow rooms are situated in modern homes with central heating.

So, the simple way would be to keep the central heating on 24/7. The problem with this is it would probably too warm for us humans to tolerate. Individual radiator thermostats are a great idea as you can control each radiator. Including the one in the growing room. If the radiator is set at a certain temperature then it will adjust the heat supplied accordingly. Dont forget that heat is given off by your lighting and ventilation so some sort of control will be required to maintain a certain temperature.

Heat control can be easy to keep with providing there are no dramatic temperature changes.

Some methods of heat control

By applying some of these methods then you will be avoiding a catastrophic drop in temperatures. Thus resulting in poor growing plants and a smaller harvest. Earlier I mentioned the lights. Of course this depends on what lights you are using . Older type lighting systems give off much heat and can higher or lower the temperature dramatically. LED lights burn at much lower temperatures and are more controllable in my opinion.

Unfortunately, here in the UK we have a large number of Victorian housing stock. These larger stone terraced houses are much more difficult to control even with central heating systems. Therefore, there should be a couple of more safe guards to look at.

  1. Fan speed controllers can be used to reduce the amount of air intake and extraction (making things hotter or cooler)
  2. For older properties you could add extra heating such as electric fan heater with an in built thermostat if possible.
  3. Its always a good idea to Insulate your grow room floor, wall and ceiling (there are many products on the market at good prices)
  4. In a water tank then use a water heater for large volumes of nutrient solution (dont put cold water onto your plants ! remember the 19c rule)
  5. Buy a maximum and minimum temperature gauge and regularly check the humidity readings.
  6. Dont pull in freezing air so obtain your intake air from a different room (Keeps the temperature ambient)
  7. Ensure your nutrients are stored at the correct room temperature
  8. Change round day and night by running your grow lights during the night and lights off during the day.
  9. I hope this will help new growers in particularly. Eric Roberts