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Hedge Cutting using Cordless

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Hedge Cutting using Cordless

Hedge Cutting using Cordless

I must say thaat choosing a cordless hedge trimmer was a no brainer to me. Petrol equivalents are too heavy for an aging gardener like myself. My son does a bit of gardening for people in his spare time. One day I had a go at his petrol trimmers. What a mistake that was!

My back seized up for about three days after! Never again!

Thank goodness thaat the development of modern battery technology has progressed. Hence, to the point where cordless tools can not only compete in terms of performance with more conventional petrol-powered machines. But they can do so without releasing any harmful emissions . Importantly, also with a significantly lower level of background noise.

This combination of convenience and performance is nicely illustrated by some of the many excellent cordless hedge trimmers that are available on the market today. Machines are now available for everyone! From the most humble amateur home gardener to the most hardworking professionals. So, looking for something with which to conduct intensive hedgerow maintenance.

There are of course an number of different brands that will show a few instances of various cordless hedge cutters that are ideal for a range of different conditions. Additionally, we will take a look at the various benefits that battery power offers in comparison to corded and gasoline-powered devices.

Hedge Cutters and Your Freedom to Roam: Corded vs. Cordless Options

In point of fact, electric hedge trimmers have been quite popular among do-it-yourself gardeners for quite some time now. But, in most cases, these have been corded machines that require access to a mains power outlet. My first one was a cord type. Because of this requirement, it is necessary to use an extension lead in all gardens that are not the smallest ones.

This is not ideal for many people since power cords can quickly become tangled as you work, restricting access to portions of the garden that are tucked away. Also, posing an accident risk when using a bladed instrument. Hence, corded hedge cutters, despite the fact that they offer an easy-to-use and fume-free means of maintaining hedges in tiny yards, are not always the best option.

Indeed I clearly remember lending my electric hedge trimmer to a neighbour, while I visited the nearby town for some shopping. On my return the neighbour had completely cut through the cord and if it was not fitted with a power breaker then he could have been hospitalised or worse!

So in my opinion corded are out and should e replaced by the cordless hedge trimmers.