Unusual Things as Planters

Unusual Things as Planters

Unusual Things as Planters
Things as Planters

Tyre Things as Planters

Unusual Things as Planters
Unusual Things as Planters

Inventive Planters & Garden Ornaments: From Log Burning Stoves to Old Tyres

Greetings, fellow horticulturists and garden aficionados! I can’t wait to explore the incredibly creative world of planters and garden accessories today. A lovely garden is an artist’s canvas, and nothing compares to putting your own stamp on it with some unusual and eccentric garden accents. Let’s investigate how commonplace items can become the focal points of your garden, from the conventional to the unusual.

  1. Old tyres
    To begin with, vintage tyres are a classic. These amazing rubber objects are great for bringing some colour and originality into any yard. You can create visually striking planters for flowers and herbs by painting them in vibrant, upbeat colours and stacking them.
  2. They work very well to build raised vegetable gardens. Not only are they adaptable, but recycling old tyres also benefits the environment—talk about a win-win situation!
  3. Boots Wellington
    Let’s talk about those vintage Wellington boots next. Why not transform them into adorable planters instead of throwing them out? Just add potting soil to them and plant your favourite tiny shrubs or flowers. They hang on fences or can just sit quaintly beside your garden path, adding a wonderful, whimsical touch to any landscape.

Try any old thing ?

  1. Broken teacups and ceramic pots
    Why not use cracked teacups and ceramic pots for a hint of elegance? For tiny plants, such as succulents, these can be excellent. Arrange them in a cluster for a charming, cottage-garden aesthetic. Every pot or cup has the potential to transform into a tiny garden scene, telling a tale in every garden nook.
  2. Wooden Pallets and Crates
    Pallets and wooden crates are very popular because of their rustic appeal. You can paint them to fit the theme of your garden or use them just as is. As your garden develops and changes, crates make great modular planters that can be stacked and reconfigured. Vertical gardens made from pallets are ideal for people with limited space.
  3. A vintage wood-burning stove
    Finally, an antique log-burning stove is a personal favourite of mine that I have had the pleasure of experimenting with in my own garden.
  4. Repurposed as a planter, this strong, solid building boasts a bright array of flowers and ivies that burst out of its open door, adding a rustic yet endearing touch. It is the ideal year-round focal point for the garden because of its sturdy construction that withstands the weather.
  5. Bicycles: You may make eye-catching garden ornaments out of old bicycles. Use the basket and even the frame as planters when you park one in your garden. This gives it a creative twist and will definitely pique visitors’ interest.
  6. Sinks and Bathtubs
    Lastly, we shouldn’t ignore the outdated washbasin or bathtub. These can be used to create substantial, long-lasting planters that are ideal for a range of plants, including dense ferns and an entire herb garden. They also pay homage to traditional English garden design, fusing practicality with a retro aesthetic.
From tyres to log-burning stoves

every one of these objects may be used to design a garden that not only bursts with colour but also narrates a tale of inventiveness and recycling.

So why not have a peek around

to see what you might be able to incorporate into your next landscaping project? It all comes down to appreciating the beauty of the vintage and giving it a fresh use in your outdoor haven. Cheers to your successful gardening!