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Lumatek Zeus Pro Lighting

Lumatek Zeus Pro Lighting

Why use LED lighting

Well in my opinion then the cost of running your lighting has got to up there amongst the main reason for updating your equipment. So as time goes by there are thousands of inventors looking for new way to improve things. In my opinion this is the next step forward in growers lighting.

Indeed there are many reports from manufacturers that say the LED lights can save as much as 40%. Compared to the energy used by the old style lighting equipment that many still use. Also the growing area that is lit up using LED will of course generate more yield per kWh. My own experience is that a friend who is a keen grower of all sorts of plants had a surplus LED light unit. He offered the light at good price and so I snapped his hand off. The unit is just plug and play and simple to install.

Used LED for the first time

Last winter was the first time that I used the new LED lights in my citrus plant over wintering greenhouse. So, the light omitted from the LEDs was a very bright white light. My older lights were of course orange coloured. Combined with a good greenhouse heater my plants over wintered perfectly. Consequently, I added two hours daylight at each end of the day. So giving my lemons and oranges the extra daylight they require.

My plants are put out in the summer and I then grow my tomatoes and peppers. Incidentally, my friend had bought a new Lumatek LED light unit which is rated at a tremendous 60,000 hrs. I was happy to buy his old LED unit for my first step into LED growing. However he upgraded to the Lumatek giving him a 5 year warranty.

Lumatek LED, s highly efficient

One of the first things that I noticed about LED lighting was how cool a temperature they run at. The Lumatek also operates at a high efficiency with much less wattage used. Meaning less heat release with the lowering of your gardening expenses (keeps the wife happy) and lower electric bills.

My friend is certainly impressed with his Lumatek Zeus Pro Led lighting set up. Giving Scott my friend more powerful grow lights. Another added advantage of Lumatek LED lights is that they can be dimmed. Accordingly to adjust the PPF level. Naturally to suite the crop and the growth stages. This is without changing or losing the efficiency.

Flexible light intensity;

 Lumatek LEDs can be dimmed to adjust PPF level to suit crop and growth stage without changing spectral power distribution or losing efficiency. Of course LED lighting is the future and is already in the process of overtaking the HPS lighting market. Because of the way that the multiple light strips are designed, then the diodes are spread right across the canopy. This spreads out the light giving an almost perfect footprint of light.

So, the type of lighting that the Zeus product emits is as close as possible to natural sunlight. Of course something that’s most beneficial to your plants. Finally once the Lumatek LED’s are up and running then you won’t ever have to change a lamp again. This should save over £1000 a year!

These lights are available from many Hydroponic store’s online and callers welcome.